About us

The aim for MHO-Co is to operate our vessels with the most operating days per year in the industry. We design vessels specifically with focus on safety, reliability, comfort for technical staff and operational limits second to none – our vessels operate even when wave height exceeds two meters.

We believe that the future of the offshore industry is green. Our offshore support vessels and crew transfer vessels are optimized for high performance and low fuel consumption to meet demands for both sustainable and economically viable service. We constantly strive to develop new and improved vessels that are safe, environmentally friendly and comfortable.

Our headquarters are in Esbjerg, Denmark. 12 permanent employees are located at this office, and we have 118 employees working in shifts on our vessels. Primarily, we operate in Northern Europe, however, we are also available for assignments globally. 

Health and Safety

Safety is always our priority. It must be safe for both passengers to be transported by our vessels as well as a safe place to work and our employees play an essential role. We have developed various procedures in which we train our employees so that they are able to handle all situations and risks associated with their work. These procedures are designed and continuously updated to ensure the highest level of safety for everyone on board.

All our vessels comply with all ISO certification requirements and are constantly working to optimize our safety systems so that our vessels are constantly operated according to the International Safety Management System (ISM).


MHO-Co was founded in 2015 by Mik Henriksen, who has many years of experience in the shipping and offshore industry. Having built both aluminum ferries and crew transfer vessels Mik Henriksen designs MHO-Co vessels with the ambitions to challenge and push boundaries within safe and reliable crew transfer, whilst minimizing both the financial and environmental costs of sailing to and from offshore wind farms.

In the beginning of 2019 MHO-Co launched the first of the two twin vessels MHO Gurli and in May 2019 MHO Esbjerg was launched. At the length of 39m the catamarans are considers the largest CTVs in the world.

In 2021 MHO-Co launched MHO Asgard and MHO Apollo. The two 35m offshore support vessels have fully integrated hybrid electric solutions designed to be adapted for future eco-friendly power-generating methods.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of the offshore wind industry we are always trying to work smarter and find new green initiatives. But we also have an eye on our surrounding community.

That is why we support the local sailors’ home in Esbjerg as a support to men and women of the sea and give them a safe place to stay.

MHO-Co also supports the Danish Brain Injury Association as we wish to help people living with a brain injury and their families.


MHO-Co is a proud sponsor of Esbjerg Golfklub. Their golf course was in 2019 elected the best course in Denmark by World Golf Awards.

We also own and sponsor race cars which regularly races at the racetrack Jyllandsringen, read more following the link bellow